Emergency Flowers

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The Official Bits. T’s and C’s (not T’s and A’s... ya sicko)

The legal boys say we need a page like this, so....

As flowers come from Mother Nature they aren’t always predictable. So there may be times when we need to substitute flowers. Rest assured, we’ll keep to the same look and use flowers of the same, or greater, value. In the rare event you aren’t happy with the flowers please call us +612 9566 1899 or email us. We'll sort it. 

The photos are by Richard Birch and cannot be reproduced or published. I know you’re thinking, 'who’d be scared of a dude who takes pics of flowers?' You’re right. But his lawyers are really scary.

Alcohol sold through this site can only be sold with flowers and not to persons under the age of 18, as you’d expect. Anyway, you’ve had enough, that’s probably what got you into trouble in the first place.