Emergency Flowers

Amazing Flowers. Delivered Pronto.

Who Are These People?

Behind our manly demeanour, some would say swagger, we're a dedicated team that just love flowers. Our passion is creating fabulous flowers and we’ve been doing so since 1999 in the iconic (so they say) inner-Sydney florist, Jodie McGregor Flowers.

We're lucky to work with the best nature has to offer. And having plenty of customers who tell us we’re one of the best florists around. Don't take our word for it, click here to see for yourself.

Then in an ‘uhmm..derr’ moment we figured 2 things.

Firstly, guys usually buy flowers if they may be in a little trouble and, secondly, they don’t know much about flowers and would rather have a pro do it for them. And tah-dah, Emergency Flowers was born.

We hope you like it, we’ve tried to give you a laugh along the way. Contact us with any feedback or ideas (we’ll steal 'em and claim as our own). Any good stories about how you or an alias got in such a pickle that you needed flowers are always welcome. As are suggestions for the ‘Rogues’ section. Email us here.